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Terms of Use

Welcome to, an online platform for buyers and vendors (both referred to as “Users” or "customers" herein) for both purchasing and selling their goods. Buyers and sellers, the parties to a transaction, are entirely responsible

Before proceeding with the use of a2z2go’s services, users are required to read and acknowledge the Terms of Service.

The services that a2z2go offer includes but is not limited to: (i) the website, (ii) the website’s functions used by both buyers and vendors, and (iii) all content, information, data, and other materials made available through the website and/or its related services.

By using the aforementioned services of (herein referred to as “website”), the user confirms that he has read, understood, agrees, and accepts the website’s Terms of Use.

If a user does not agree with any of the points in this Terms of Use, a2z2go requests for the immediate non-usage of its services.

Minors, persons who are not yet of legal age, are only allowed to use the website when their legal guardian has read, understood, agrees, and accepts the website’s Terms of Use. After which, all transactions, content posted, and services availed by the minor on the website falls under the responsibility of the legal guardian.

Terms of Use

User agrees not to do the following while using the site:

- Make available, in any manner, any and all forms of content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, racist, or otherwise questionable
- Upload products that are strictly prohibited by a2z2go
- Make use of the services of the site for purposes other than for what it is intended
- Violate any laws, including but not limited to local regulations, international laws, regulations, codes, and policies
- Make available any form of content or undertake in transaction/s that is fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, unconscionable, and/or illegal
- Make available any form of content that infringes upon the rights, patents, copyrights or other proprietary rights of the person or entity who has legal ownership over the specified content
- Any form of action that constitutes fraud such as, but not limited to, creating multiple accounts for a single entity, making available content that contains wrong information, creating content for a2z2go without written approval from the concerned department
- Intentionally or unintentionally interfere with the site’s functionality, use, and overall appearance
- Upload, post, distribute, email, make available, or activate any material that is suspected to or contains any form of software virus, worms, computer codes, or other programs that may or may not have the intention of altering, manipulating, interrupting, or corrupting the integrity and functionality of the site, its hardware, and that of its users.
- Attempt to or gain unauthorized access to any or all parts of a2z2go, encryptions, and other implemented security features
- Collect other users (buyer and vendor) data for personal, illegal, unauthorized, and/or commercial purposes
- Use the service to violate any law from any jurisdiction, whether this be local or abroad
- Infringe on any copyright/s that the user does not have legal ownership of or proper permission from the rightful owner

All content in the site, whether publicly or privately shown, is the responsibility of the user from whom the specified content came from.

Site visitors understand that they may be exposed to content that may otherwise be considered offensive or indecent. a2z2go will not be held responsible for such instances.

The user understands that a2z2go and other third parties acting on its behalf have the right to remove any content made available by any of its site users.

You understand also that a2z2go may disclose your account information and content to any legal, regulatory, or governing authority or any other third parties if required to do so by law, pursuant to a court order, lawful request from any governing authority having jurisdiction over a2z2go, or in belief that such disclosure is necessary to: (i) properly respond to customer service questions, (ii) comply with legal proceedings, (iii) enforce this Terms of Use, (iv) protect the rights, interests, assets, or security of a2z2go, its customers, users, copyright owners, and/or the general public.

Violation of Terms of Use

Violation of any part of a2z2go’s terms of use may result in a number of repercussions including, but not limited to:
- Deletion of the content in violation
- Account suspension or termination
- Criminal charges, civil suits
- Claims for damages

Any site user with evidence or reasonable suspicion of actions that result in the violation of any of this Terms of Use is highly encouraged to send over an email to

Privacy Policy

Kindly read through our Privacy Policy ( to understand what personal information we collect and how we collect, use, and store them.

We are legally bound to uphold the privacy and security of all our users’ personal information as guided by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 under Republic Act 10173 and its implementing rules and regulations.

No personal information will be disclosed to any third party, unless, otherwise required by law, or as is relevant for the purpose it was collected. Neither will these be sold to any institutions whether it be for the purpose of company gain or leverage or for other intended purposes.