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Welcome to, an online platform for buyers and vendors (both referred to as “Users” herein) for both purchasing and selling their goods. Before proceeding with the use of a2z2go’s services, users are required to read and acknowledge the Terms of Service and Data Privacy Policy

Return, Refund Policy

Buyers are able to return or file claims for returns or refunds within 7 calendar days from when the item/s have been delivered to the address provided during checkout. To avoid any rejected claims of return or refund, kindly make sure that (1) the reason for returning or refunding falls under one of the points for “Acceptable Reasons for Returns”, (2) return or refund form is properly accomplished and submitted from the user’s account with a2z2go, and (3) photographic evidences that clearly shows the indicated “Acceptable Reasons for Returns” in point (1) is submitted together with the completed form in point (2) to the team.

Acceptable Reasons for Returns or Refunds

The following are the only acceptable reasons for returning a product or applying for a refund:
Damaged - Items ordered and delivered are with noticeable physical damages resulting from improper handling by either the vendor, a2z2go’s employees, or the delivery team. Physical damages to look out for include noticeable dents and scratches on the items.
Faulty - Items ordered and delivered do not function the way they were supposed to as described on the product’s description page.
Poor Quality - Items ordered and delivered are noticeably of inferior quality compared to what was indicated on the product’s description page.

Different from Vendor’s Photos - Items ordered and delivered does not have any semblance to the product’s photo/s as shown on the product description page. Buyer should take note to read the product’s description properly for any notes on differences that may arise from the uploaded product photos to the actual product delivered because of lighting issues and the like.
Wrong product - Item/s delivered is a completely different product and does not match the description indicated on the product description page of the item/s ordered. Examples of this instance include wrong size, wrong color, completely different product.
Missing Item - Item ordered and delivered is incomplete (e.g. missing quantity or accessories)
Expired - Expiration date or the best before date of the perishable item/s ordered has passed the date the item/s were delivered by a2z2go.

Below are not acceptable reasons for returning a product or applying for a refund:
Change of heart - For whatever reason, buyer realizes that he does not want or need the item/s ordered and delivered anymore.

If it has been determined from a2z2go’s investigation that the item/s ordered and delivered are being returned or refunded due to reason/s that arise from the buyer’s action, the claim for return or refund will not be accepted.

Furthermore, a record of claims for returns or refunds, both valid and rejected, are kept by a2z2go to keep track of potential fraudulent accounts or claim patterns.

Application for Return

Application for return must be submitted online through the user’s a2z2go account. a2z2go will review each customer's application to determine whether or not the claim for return is valid. Evaluation takes 1 to 4 working days upon receipt of application.

Note: Buyers are only allowed to file either the return or refund of a specific order only once.

Once a decision has been made after the initial investigation of a2z2go’s team, the buyer is allowed to dispute the initial findings by submitting additional evidence. The additional evidence must be different from the evidence submitted during the initial application. Upon receipt of the new evidence submitted by the buyer himself to a2z2go’s team, the appeal will be reviewed and a response will be given no later than 2 working days after.

Liability for Return Shipping Fee

In the event of a valid return concern from the buyer, validated by the a2z2go team, the vendor will be the entity who will shoulder the shipping fee that buyer incurred to return the item.

In situations where change of mind is the reason for returning an item, the vendor will have the right to accept or reject the return. If the vendor accepts the buyer’s return, the burden of covering the shipping fee cost to return the item will fall on the buyer.

Application for Refund

Buyer’s will only be refunded after a2z2go has confirmed that request for return/refund meets a2z2go return or refund policy and has received the returned item. The refund will only be made to the credit/debit card or designated bank account used to settle the transaction in question. a2z2go does not accommodate requests for refunds to be deposited elsewhere even with buyer’s instructions or special requests.

Upon receipt of the item/s in question, the refund will be credited back to the customer’s bank account or credit card within 3 to 15 banking days, depending on the payment method used.

Note: Buyers are only allowed to file either the return or refund of a specific order only once.