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a2z2go outlines the privacy policy taken into consideration with respect to collection, recording, storage, disclosure and use of such information from valued customers and stakeholders. All information is secured in our corporate database as we are mandated and committed to protect customers’ information with utmost priority.

No data and/or information are to be disclosed to any third party, unless, otherwise required by law, or as is relevant for the purpose it was collected. It is not required to provide personal information as you start visiting and browsing the content of the site unless you register and log-on to the website with your preferred account name and password.

We value privacy and security of your personal and corporate information as guided by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 under Republic Act 10173 and its implementing rules and regulations.

No information from customers is to be sold to any institutions for the purpose of company gain and sales.


Information Required Upon Registration

The following personal information is required on the process of Registration:

       -   First Name

       -   Last Name

       -   Address

       -   Birthdate

       -   Email Address

       -   Phone/Cellphone Number

       -   Gender

       -   Password

All submitted information must be accurate, correct and updated. Non-submission on any of the following warrants inability to access all services provided by A2Z2Go upon registration.

Non-personal third party information are accepted as part of your personal information provided that such information are voluntary provided and has acquired legal permission and consent from third party to share and transfer information to A2Z2Go.

Linking of your social media accounts to A2Z2Go warrants acceptance that information available on your social media account can be accessed and it is a voluntary permission given to us. All information provided on your social media account is to be collected and can be shared, used and transfer to A2Z2Go.


Utility of Information

Information collected from you will be utilized and shared to A2Z2Go’s third party business partners in order to facilitate the holistic services provided by A2Z2Go and provide access to you upon using such services. In addition, it is being used for the following functions:

  1. Comparison and verification of information provided
  2. Order processing
  3. Payment processing
  4. Delivery processing
  5. Customer updates
  6.  Sending of unsolicited newsletter, marketing and promotional materials – subject to non-subscription as per your prerogative
  7. Complying legal and mandated requirements as deemed necessary

Upon sharing and transferring information to third-party business partners, a2Z2Go assures that information will be treated with utmost confidentiality by the receiving third party in compliance with Data Privacy Act of 2012.

You may update the information provided to A2Z2Go by editing your profile in the platform. Hereafter, updates made will then be forwarded to the third-party business partners for the purposes and functions stated above.  


Security of Information

A2Z2Go is significantly committed to all our valued customers and part of such commitment is protecting trust given to us as we receive your personal and corporate information. We assure that all information will be securely stored and protection of your information from all kinds of risks is our priority. Through the deployment of 360° high efficient information and platform protection technology, possible risks and vulnerabilities are easily detected and addressed.